Helping busy women gain their energy back and restore their natural cycle by correlating functional lab tests with shared concerns, and personalizing an educational program that empowers deep and sustainable healing!

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“How do you go from dark to light
From night to day
From unknown to known
From lethargy to brilliant energy?
From missing cycle to flowing beautifully?

Not only by looking inward
But by looking outward
Through the window of the mind, soul
And greeting the sun
The Morningstar!

Through thoughtful guidance
Patient teaching
And compassionate understanding
Ms. Morningstar will help you rebuild your life.
If you are willing
And have the desire
You can enter a new dawn
Find courage
And renewal
Of mind, body, and spirit

With the Morningstar.

Know that we are sacred.”

Let’s Discover How To Heal Your Body!

No more guessing or going with a cookie-cutter program that leaves you feeling hungry, bloated, weak, in pain, and unsatisfied. I want you to function at your full potential so you feel mentally restored, physically strong, and full of energy. 

Stressful situations seem to be everywhere we turn. We often stress about what and how often to eat, how to exercise, challenging conversations with our kids or spouse, actually sleeping through the entire night, or the chemicals and toxins in our food, cookware, and products. But what about all the things you don’t even know about, such as food sensitivities, parasites, or excess/depleted hormones? We have the ability to discover some of those stressors and remove them! 

My programs combine functional lab testing with personalized education for you that’s based on those results and your unique body and lifestyle. We can get to the root cause of your symptoms to get you feeling better without all the guesswork.

My goal is to educate you so that you can continue to utilize this system of health building and make progress for the rest of your life! It is possible to heal and maintain your results with this proven method. Transform your world into one that is naturally energized with a cycle that is back to normal!

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Falyn Morningstar graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor’s in Business Management, concentrating in International Management, with minors in both Geography Earth Science and Spanish. While working as an engineering intern for a municipality, she decided to go back to school to pursue a Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering. 

Falyn has always had a passion for physical fitness, which has paralleled her career choices. She has earned two powerlifting records with Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate (RPS) and became a personal trainer to help friends and family learn how to weight lift. After going through a health crisis at age 26 with hormone and gut dysfunction, she made a major lifestyle shift. In 2021, Falyn became a Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner, the methodology she credits in saving her from a future life of autoimmunity and disease. With this certification, she empowers others to create a holistic lifestyle, with functional lab screenings, for longevity and happiness. 

Falyn has decided that her thesis work will be geared towards combining human health with the environment. She intends to share evidence-based research about how certain substances can lead to autoimmunity and disease. More of the world needs to be aware to consciously choose for themselves and their family.

Falyn lives a purpose-driven life seeking to continue uncovering her true self, raising her consciousness, and supporting others to do the same. 


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